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This page is provided as a service of Ghost Rider's Realm and Links posted here are subject to change or deletion at any time. If you are a Christian Writer, and want to submit an article for inclusion here, send it, along with your name or Web Handle and a permanent E-Mail Address. Inclusion on this page is by our descretion.  While visiting another site, I saw the statement, "You should always surf with your brain in gear". Definitely!  So, that is my advice here.  These Articles  are here to assist you in your studies of God's Word. The fact that they are posted on this page, does not necessarily indicate my complete or even partial agreement.    Copyrighted Articles must include the author's permission to be included.     




Halloween's Bloody Legacy


Occult Symbols and their Meaning

Witnessing is Easy! You do it everyday!

Where did God Come From?

Larry Lasiter

Larry Lasiter

KJOS Ministries

Darlene Sawyer

Darlene Sawyer