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I received this from one of our Guests - It's all about a Principal  with "PRINCIPLES"...


If, after reading the above, you have comments on it, please visit our new Forum and post...


on the various topics. We need 
to help kick things off with 

Just click on the  Link below and READ and POST!! Please follow the Forum Guidelines and please consider using  only KJV TEXT in your posts. 

If you believe the Bible is God's Word 
to mankind, and that it's TRUE, then open 
it up and come on over to this new Forum!  
We suggest READING the posts that are 
already there, then, POST, POST, POST!! 
Got a favorite Bible Topic? One that you 
feel is definitely worth discussing? What 
are you waiting for? :)

Join us and share your views!

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It's a new Club! I'm starting it!! If you already own a FRANKLIN ELECTRONIC BIBLE, you already qualify!!  I recently got a Franklin Electronic Bible and I'm really enjoying it. I got to thinking about it and it hit me that there are probably MILLIONS of others who have one!  Everybody else has a "club", so, why not us??

Some, or most, probably have the KJV, and some have the new NIV. Whichever Version you have, you qualify to be a member. Please drop us a note in FEEDBACK so we can   add your name to the Club Roster!

This club is, as yet, un-official, but, if enough of us get together, maybe Franklin Publisher will recognize us as the OFFICIAL USERS GROUP! So, write me ASAP.

Just THINK! How many new product ideas could we, as a group, present to Franklin Publishers? How many new improvements and helpful ADDITIONS to the Bookman Cartridge line, could we inspire them to add? How about a complete STRONG'S CONCORDANCE and BIBLE DICTIONARY Cartridge?? I know I'd really like to have one like that for my FEB. So, think about it!

So write me! There are NO dues, so, join up now!
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What would Jesus Do?
I know you've heard the question, and seen the wrist band. But, what's it all about?   Is it just a $$ making scheme? Is it a genuine CHRISTIAN EFFORT? Where did it come from? Who started the whole thing?  Would you like to know what W.W.J.D. is all about??

For  a look at the origin and goals of W.W.J.D. , just click on the icon and check it out.
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Remember to use your BACK BUTTON to return to GR's Realm.  And, when you get back, drop in on our new Forum, Thy Word is Truth!, and tell us your reactions to W.W.J.D.


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Colossians 1:9 For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

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