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But... Where Did God Come From?
by Darlene Sawyer
November 30, 2000

I think every child has asked the question,"Where did God come from?" I'm going to answer this with a little story of my own that I think will help you give them an answer they can understand.

I want you to imagine that I'm in my kitchen and I have made a beautiful chocolate cake. I am now going outside with a slice of my cake and give it to the first little ant that I see. "Here you go little ant," I'm going to say. "I hope you like this. I have spent a whole day working on this cake for you. Come here and listen little ant, because I am going to tell you exactly how I made this cake. First you must turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Then you will need to get 4 squares of unsweetened chocolate and melt over low heat. Add 1/2 cup of sugar to the chocolate. Add 4 eggs and 2 cups of flour to this. Hey...ant, are you listening to me?"

Ok, do you see how ridiculous this is? This little ant, no matter if I explain it to him, no matter how much in depth and detail I go, still will not understand what I am saying. He is not capable of understanding!! He has never seen an oven, never seen flour and sugar. He knows nothing of these things, nor does he have the sense to know. WE ARE LIKE THAT LITTLE ANT. Even if God explained in detail, our minds are not capable of understanding this.

Just know God has been around before the beginning of time, as we know time. Do not worry about trying to figure it out. You must accept things by "faith" and know that you are not capable of a full understanding of such things at this time. day, God will give us the full understanding to many many things, when we are with him and SEEING many things we never knew of before!

Reprinted by Permission of Author    
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