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G.R.'s Comments


First things First!  Welcome to my homepage!  I'm glad you found it and I'm glad you decided to visit!!  It's been some time since I worked on this page and time is always scarce! So, please forgive me for not maintaining it the way I should have.


On to the subject!   See that Banner Ad at the top of this page??  It's not my idea.  It has nothing to do with my page or it's contents.  I don't endorse it!  And, if I could, I'd have a page where there are no Ads.  POP-UPS?  Are you sick of pop-up ads?  Sick of Advertising in general?? Well, I am and that's why I jumped at the chance to have my forum on a server where that is not a problem.  As you may know, our Forum on Network54 is still there, but, it is dead.  We closed it to further posting when we were contacted by Exile at TFE FORUMS and told that we could have our Forum there at no charge and with NO ADS! 

This new Forum doesn't have the exposure we had on Network54, and, all posters must register, but, it's really nice and there are tons of Topics to discuss.  

Registration is quick and easy, and, the rules are few and simple.  

If you have not visited yet, please make it a point to drop over, Register and Post a few comments on some of the current topics. 

I'll be looking for you! Please leave me a note about where you saw this message. Here is the Link to the Forum:



Regrettably, our Guest Book has died!  It was hosted by one of those groups who feel that if there are no signatures in six months, that means there will never be.  :(

So, I'll be looking to locate a new Guest Book Service soon! Can you recommend one? If you'd like to suggest a good one, drop me a line at my new E-Mail Address:

If no suggestions come in, I'll probably go with BraveNet. At least they don't have a time-limit on their service!

By the way, TFE FORUMS has  a Guest Book too, so, while you're there, if you would, please sign it as well!  I'm sure Exile would like to know that you visited.   Please tell him I sent ya! 

G.R.'s Poll Page

Also, our Poll Page has died from the same affliction.  So, I must tell you that all Polls related to my page and my Forum will be generated and hosted on the new server.   Poll Posting is a feature of the Forum and all Registered Members can add a Poll.  If you enjoy seeing what everyone thinks, be sure to check out the current Polls!

Here is the direct link to the list of Active Polls:

Active Polls

Of Course, this link is to ALL POLLS, not just the ones that have to do with Religious subjects.

Well, that's about it for September!  2002 is really moving on!  I hope you will jump on this new Forum and make all the preparation and work worthwhile!

See you there?