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HERE'S WHAT'S NEW : Our new WEB PAGE, GR's Realm,  is now online!   Intended to be a place where all Christians will find something of interest.   But, "Good Intentions" aren't enough!  I need YOU to visit and evaluate what's there, and suggest other additions and improvements!
Please click on the WEBPAGE TAB  above,  or, CLICK HERE !!      Look the place over and then SIGN our GUESTBOOK

WELCOME to FIRST CALLED CHRISTIANS FORUM!!  ...a place to study, discuss and debate the Bible and all things Christian! to POST and READ and PONDER!  ...a place to share and gain knowledge of The LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus, the Christ.

Please, if you know of ANYONE who needs prayer, or if you, or anyone you know, wishes to request prayer, post that info right away! We will make every effor to get these requests to a large group of folks who are constantly busy lifting up intercessory prayer for people like you and I who really need it. Just click into the Prayer Request Folder and POST!!

If you host a Christian Website or Forum, please post your invitation and Link in our CHRISTIAN WEBSITE & FORUM LINKS folder.  Don't forget to list your Christian Website or Forum on our LINKS PAGE. We want to support you as you support Him!

Our RULES are few and simple. IF you choose to post here, you are, in effect, AGREEING to be bound by these rules and any subsequent rules that may be posted.

1) This Forum is for CHRISTIANS, and those who sincerely wish to learn more about the Christian way of life.

2) In the Bible, God is ALWAYS referred to in the masculine gender. Posts that say, or insinuate otherwise will be edited or deleted.

3) Absolutely no insults!  Address the topic and not personalities. If someone OFFENDS YOU, take it to E-Mail!! <- VERY IMPORTANT!!!

4) When Responding to a message, please QUOTE enough of it so your point will be clear. Try not to quote the whole message just to say, "I agree", or, "I disagree".

5) Foul, suggestive, or vulgar language will not be tolerated.

6] E-mail Harrassment will result in your being LOCKED OUT of this Forum. <--NEW

7) The King James Version of the bible is the official version of this forum. If you wish to Post or respond to posts here, please use the KJV only.

8) Criticisim of the Forum, it's content, or it's Host is 'off topic'.  For these concerns, respond by E-Mail.  Link below.

9) This is a FORUM, not "Church". Women are welcome to comment here.

10) NO SPAMMING! If you have a long article to post, use an ATTACHMENT   at the bottom of the first post to link to the rest of the article. 


Note: These rules are subject to change. Please check for updates and additions when you enter the forum. Enough for now!

God Bless all of you as you seek to please Him!   Send any Ideas, Gripes, or Suggestions to Ghost Rider.

Forum Host/Moderator